We've handpicked over an hour of content from our Timber Framing Online Course, and created this FREE Mini Course that will walk you through everything you need to know to cut a Thru Tenon (an essential part of timber frame joinery!), the basics of Structural Insulated Panels, as well as bring you along on a Midcoast Maine timber frame house & barn tour with Blueberry (touring timber frames cut & raised by both Shelter graduates and Shelter Institute).

  • Learn how to layout, cut, and refine a Thru Tenon!

  • Learn the basics about Structural Insulated Panels!

  • Take a peek into finished timber frame houses, barns, workshops, and garages!

Free Mini Course Curriculum

    1. Welcome to this FREE Timber Framing Mini-Course

    2. Hello from Gaius, Blueberry & Pat! - How To Watch Through This Course Content

    1. Chiseling & Slicking 101

    2. Model of Thru Mortise

    3. Thru Tenon: Layout & Scoring

    4. Thru Tenon: Cutting & Refining Pt. 1

    5. Thru Tenon: Cutting & Refining Pt. 2

    6. Thru Tenon: Half-Dovetail Shape

    1. What Are Structural Insulated Panels?

    2. Raising The First Two Panels

    1. Behind The Scenes of filming this Timber Frame Online Course!

    2. Timber Frame House Tour With Blueberry

About this course

  • Free
  • 12 lessons
  • 1.5 hours of video content