We've handpicked over an hour of content from our Timber Framing Online Course, and created this FREE Mini Course that will walk you through everything you need to know to cut a Thru Tenon (an essential part of timber frame joinery!), as well as bring you along on a Midcoast Maine timber frame house & barn tour with Blueberry (touring timber frames cut & raised by both Shelter graduates and Shelter Institute).

  • Learn how to layout, cut and refine a Thru Tenon.

  • Take a peek into finished timber frame houses, barns, workshops, and garages!

Free Mini Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Before You Start

    • Welcome to this FREE Timber Framing Mini-Course

    • Hello from Gaius, Blueberry & Pat! - How To Watch Through This Course Content

  • 2

    Sample Chapter: Laying Out & Cutting A Thru Tenon

    • Chiseling & Slicking 101

    • Model of Thru Mortise

    • Thru Tenon: Layout & Scoring

    • Thru Tenon: Cutting & Refining Pt. 1

    • Thru Tenon: Cutting & Refining Pt. 2

    • Thru Tenon: Half-Dovetail Shape

  • 3

    Extras - Behind-The-Scenes & Timber Frame House Tour!

    • Behind The Scenes of filming this Timber Frame Online Course!

    • Timber Frame House Tour With Blueberry

  • 4

    Ready to Level-Up? Get $50 off the full Timber Framing Online Course!

    • Discount Code & Next Steps On Your Timber Frame Journey